Birth and Doula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - New Jersey, New York

Q: "My husband is going to be with me…do I still need a doula?"

A: I believe that dads and doulas together provide total support to a laboring woman. Your husband can experience the birth in his own terms, without feeling like he has to have every book on childbirth memorized. See Dads & Doulas.

Q: "But I want to get an epidural…"

A: Women receiving epidurals still benefit from the knowledge and continuous presence that a doula provides. You may have to wait to get an epidural and a doula will help you cope until you receive drugs. An epidural cannot rub your shoulders, help explain what is happening or provide reassurance to you and your partner. See Doulas and Epidurals.

Q: "What happens if I need a Caesarean birth?"

A: A doula provides a warm, calming, and informative presence throughout your whole birth experience. In most hospitals, I can accompany you and your husband into the birth, help both you and your husband relax, explain what is happening, take photographs, and keep the focus on your baby's Birth Day. See Doulas and Caesarean Births.

Q: "May I speak with some of your previous clients?"

A: Absolutely! References are available by telephone and also here on my website. See From Clients.

Q: "Do you take my blood pressure and check other vital signs?"

A: No, I do not perform medical tasks. My services include emotional, physical, and psychological support.

Q: "What if you are with another woman when I go into labor?"

A: I work with other highly trained, qualified, and certified doulas to provide continuous and seamless support for my clients before, during, and after your birth. You will be given contact information for your back-up doula so that you may speak with her prenatally, and reach her at any time after.

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Lynn Christensen, CD
(DONA), LCCE (Lamaze)
Tenafly, New Jersey