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"You easily found the perfect balance between supporting me and empowering me. Because of you, I had the birth experience I've always wanted. [The] birth was the most transforming event of my life."
- S.L. (mother)

"A 'must have.' Couldn't have done it without her. The encouragement and support helped me achieve my goals of a natural delivery of my daughter."
- K.S. (mother)

Lynn Christensen

"It was very important to me to have someone who had so much ease and confidence in the birth process who was purely there to support me. If felt different and complementary to having the midwife."
- K.A. (mother)

"You are an incredible resourdce of information…your words of encouragement put my fears to rest. It is obvious that you do what you're so passionate about."
- M.A. (mother)

"Immediate hours following: invaluable. Couldn't have made it through that initial period without the help. Everyone should have a doula as patient and knowledgeable as Lynn."
- K.S. (mother)

"I was extremely happy you were there to help me with breastfeeding. I don't think I could have been successful without your help. You went above and beyond my expectations."
- D.R. (mother)

"Thank you for all of your assistance. You were a big part of our extremely positive birth experience. Your support was integral in helping [my wife] have her most-wanted VBAC."
- J.D. (father)

"Support in the hospital and postpartum visit greatly exceed my expectations of how a doula could enhance my birth experience. Having a doula gave both [my husband] and me the comfort of trusting the birth process. I found having a doula invaluable."
- E.F. (mother)

Lynn and baby

- K.A. (mother)

- M.A. (father)

"Your support was fantastic. It let me focus on ways I could help. I think that I would have been overwhelmed otherwise."
- L.F. (father)

"My husband froze. Lynn didn't."
- J. P.

"My pre-term labor and hospitalization were a shock to myself, partner, and family. Without Lynn's emotional support, physically being there, and our talks on the phone, I wouldn't have had peace of mind. Lynn also provided medical print-outs of information about pre-term labor, etc…I called and asked her advice about labor, breastfeeding, etc… and she was right there for me."
- D.B. (mother)

"Lynn always called me when she had information for me. And it was very comforting having her there throughout the labor."
- B.B. (father)

"It was great to talk with Lynn at the hospital and at home after the birth I was so happy to receive the "birth story." Such a great idea! Both my husband and I were glad we decided to have a doula. Lynn was the best and we will use her again. I would recommend Lynn to anyone going through childbirth. It's so important to have a "coach" to tell you what's going on and offer support in addition to the husband. I feel if Lynn weren't there, I may not have had a natural birth."
- C.K. (mother)

"Glad you told the nurse we would breastfeed baby rather than let her take her to the nursery - plus you got some good photos."
- C.L. (mother)

"Lynn provided great support and took a lot of worry and concern for remembering everything off his shoulders. Every husband should have a doula to help."
- M.K. (father)

"Good to visit face to face to get a feel for the person who will be there for the most important day of your life. I felt a sense of peace knowing that someone other than the staff was there just to make sure that we were all OK and well informed! I could not have imagined not having a doula with natural childbirth. We were so happy and surprised when we received a beautiful recount of our experience on paper. It made me cry (and my mom). Thank you thank you thank you for that!!!"
- H.S. (mother)

"I felt so comfortable with Lynn and was also pleased with our experience with her and her knowledge!"
- M.S. (father)

"My labor was long and hard and you helped me through. I wouldn't feel as comfortable with the outcome without your participation. Overall, I'm so happy to have used a doula and Lynn in particular. I didn't have a successful VBAC, but it was crucial to me to do everything I could to attempt one - and you were a key part of that."
- G.M. (mother)

"Lynn helped me switch providers, choose a good childbirth class and just become more aware. Having Lynn was extremely useful especially since it comforted BOTH of us individually and as a couple. The birth was something positive and unforgettable. Being respected and supported turned out to be more important than being pain-free."
- E.H. (mother)

"I was much more at ease with you there."
- C.M. (father)

"I wasn't planning on a natural childbirth. I hired Lynn as my doula because I wanted emotional support during labor and someone to keep me informed of what was going on when the doctors and nurses were busy. Little did I know that she would make the difference for me between what I thought would be an extremely painful experience, and the single most beautiful experience of my life. She helped me figure out ways to handle each uncomfortable sensation that presented itself, with a different technique, a different thing to try, and every time I hit an obstacle, I was able to move through the discomfort with a suggestion from Lynn. My husband had a "team-mate" in the room with him to help him know ways to help me. My husband was such a skeptic about having a doula, he even admitted that to Lynn ahead of time. I guess the proof in the pudding is that last week when my husband's brother announced that they are expecting their first baby, [my husband] said, 'I'm telling you, my best piece of advice: you NEED to have a doula!'."

"I planned on having an epidural when the pain got too strong, and I ended up getting through my labor without so much as an aspirin. It was such a tender experience, I still cry whenever I hear one of the songs that played in the birth room. It was incredibly gentle and happy and beautiful. I credit my special birth experience with a devoted husband who made me sweet music tapes and supported me all the way AND the loving support of Lynn Christensen, our doula and friend for life!" D.K. (mother) "Your presence and support helped us very much in making [the] birth a very positive and memorable experience for us! It would not have been the same great experience without you!"
- G.S. (mother)

"It's the only way I could have a natural birth."
- J.K. (mother)

"Your postpartum support was both helpful and reassuring."
- M.K. (mother)

"We appreciated your attention to detail. [My husband] is a man of few words...he was deeply moved by this birth. Can't thank you enough!"
- D.G. (mother)

"We are so thankful that you assisted us during the lengthy labor and delivery of our beautiful child. We will never forget the encouragement and support you provided to us. You made the natural birth attainable."
- M.F. (mother)

"You were insightful and supportive. I could not have accomplished my goal of natural childbirth without you. Thank you."
- L.E. (mother)

"Your guidance, support, and encouragement played a major role in how quickly and successfully we (I) were able to get little [baby] out into the world. Having a doula is an absolute necessity for those trying to birth without drugs or for first-time moms."
- K.C. (mother)

"You were sensitive to everyone's feelings yet conveyed great confidence and demonstrated your knowledge well without ever seeing overbearing in any way. Thanks so much!"
- L.S. (grandmother)

"I found your presence very reassuring on many levels - first, as a reference source and experienced guide. Second, as a calm and comforting each during the labor process and afterwards. You made this pregnancy and delivery so much more relaxed than my first, more than can be attributed to having been through it before. [My husband] thinks the hospital should assign a doula along with one's nurses/doctors."
- L.L. (mother)

"May we all share many happy occasions together for years to come!"
- J.W. (mother)

"Your presence gave me more confidence that all will be alright and allowed me to be more relaxed."
- N.U. (father)

"I truly feel that having Lynn on board was a key element that contributed to our very positive birth experience. Her input leading up to birth as well as her support during labor and delivery was extremely helpful and comforting." K.F. (mother) "Having a doula allowed me to enter the whole birth process more relaxed which made me more helpful and supportive."
- C.F. (father)

"Nurturing, fun, always made me feel more informed and less anxious. Lynn, we just loved teaming up with you and hope we'll keep in touch!"
- N.N. (mother)

"It meant so much to me to have you there."
- M.Y. (father)

"Invaluable, especially with my specific questions re: VBACs and recent medical opinions and articles…loved the articles and info, especially about breastfeeding and how to improve milk production."
- L.L. (mother)

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Lynn Christensen, CD
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